Official SonicMC Partnership

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Hello, I am Prince from the HyperPvP ownership team and I am here to tell you that we have a new partner! We have decided to partner with SonicMC, their gamemodes include Survival, KitPvP, Traditional Skyblock, Prison and 1.14 Creative head on over to play.SonicMC.net to play some of these awesome gamemodes! We will be sharing our custom staff and ban plugin with them. So keep in mind, if you get banned on HyperPvP OR SonicMC you will be banned from both servers. This is to eliminate hackers on both server so that the players can have a wonderful legitimate experience and have fun!

CLICK HERE to visit SonicMC's website.

Prince, Owner @ HyperPvP
New SonicMC Partnership!.

Official Welcome to HyperPvP

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HyperPvP is a non-p2w Minecraft Factions server! (p2w = "Pay To Win")

We aren't ready for release yet, but we hope to have the server released to the public near the start of July. In the meantime, feel free to join our Discord server! You can also play on GyserSMP [Discord] until release.

We understand that you may also get hungry during this time, so here, have a potato from Prince!



Be sure to join our Discord server!